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The National Black Agenda


We have a Black Agenda . We need you to read it and let us know how you can get involved.  It addresses 13 areas.  

How the Diaspora Can help to create an African Development Plan


Data on Black America


This  case study was used as evidence when the UN WORKING GROUP OF EXPERTS ON PEOPLE OF AFRICAN DESCENT made a country visit to the United States in January 2016, where they visited 7 cities and took testimony of the atrocities being committed against African Descendants 

Findings of the Working Group to the UN- 2016


 Human Rights Council Thirty-third session Agenda item 9 Racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance, follow-up to and implementation of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action 

Report of the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent on its visit to the United States of America in January 2016 and after visiting 7 US cities where public hearings where held as African descendants gave evidence of the conditions they were suffering under , these last 400 years in America.  

A/HRC/33/61/Add.2  August 16, 2016 

Apartheid Violations in American Education and the Remedies.


This presentation was given at the "On the Brink: The New Horizon Conference in Tehran, Iran .

Oct 29, 2015 

Presenter : Cecile Johnson

3-31-18 Interview with the Black Star Project on WVON 1690 AM


My interview in preparation for the 4-03-18  Hour of Power. 

Interview starts at  24 :35 minutes after the commercials . 


Amos N. Wilson | Black Child Development


Amos N. Wilson | Black Child Development Under White Supremacy

Amos N. Wilson | Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Child


Amos N. Wilson | Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children

100 Best Children's Books for African American History Month (pdf)


Negro History lost, stolen or strayed

 A very interesting documentary about Black History from the era of the 60's. https://www.facebook.com/Blackisreall... Did you know that the first open-heart surgery was performed by a black doctor, Daniel Hale Williams? Not many people did in 1968, the year this eye-opening film, narrated by Bill Cosby, was first released. Many still don't today. "Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed" reviews the numerous contributions of African-Americans to the development of the United States. From the per


2017-10-07 African Court Judge Joins International Court (pdf)


Black History before slavery


Black History Before The Slavery 

(The Kings & Queens Of Africa)

The ancient Afrikan origins of Pan Afrikanism

Dr Obadale Kambon presents on  

The Ancient Afrikan Origins of Pan -Afrikanism- A textual Analysis 


Ọbádélé Kambon, PhD
Research Fellow - Language, Literature and Drama Section

Institute of African Studies - College of Humanities

Kwame Nkrumah Complex
University of Ghana - Legon

Editor-in-Chief - Ghana Journal of Linguistics
Secretary - African Studies Association of African (ASAA)


 A hard-hitting that addresses the tension between Africans and African Americans. Opening with personal testimonials, BOUND looks at the effects of colonialism and enslavement and how these have divided and bound Africans and African Americans. 

The Book 0f Negroes

Abducted from her village in West Africa, eleven-year-old Aminata Diallo is forced into a slave coffle and must endure a horrific ocean crossing. She is brought to a South Carolina plantation where she makes herself useful by using midwifery skills learned at her mother’s side, all the while keeping the attentions of her jealous slave master, Robinson Appleby, at bay. 

For more on series http://www.cbc.ca/bookofnegroes/     

The invention of Race in 1681

1681 - The Invention of Race: The Laws that Changed the World!

This edition of the Philippe Matthews Show is brought to you by: The Whiteness Competency Course (52 Weeks) by Dr. Jacqueline Battalora 


 WHITENESS COMPETENCY – the ability to see positions of structural advantage that whites hold; the ability to identify the standpoint from which white people view themselves and others and the world around them; and the ability to see the racially unmarke

Traces of the Trade- The DeWolf Family

Traces of the Trade is unique and disturbing journey of discovery into the history and "living consequences" of one of the nation's most shameful episodes -- slavery.  Katrina Browne ... discovered that her slave-trading ancestors from Rhode Island were not an aberration. Rather, they were just the most prominent actors in the North's vast complicity in slavery, buried in myths of Northern innocence. 

The Long Shadow - 2018

Of all the divisions in America, none is as insidious and tenacious as racism. In this powerful documentary, director Frances Causey investigates the roots of our current racial conflicts. 

The New Jim Crow Museum

This video captures articles in the New Jim Crow Museum and tells the history of how entrenched racism was and in some ways still is. How violence and stereotypes were used to keep Black people in check. 

The Four Horsemen ( A must see documentary)

 Noam Chomsky, Joseph Stiglitz, John Perkins and Herman Daly explains the system we live by