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PROJECTS we have worked on

PANAFSTRAG Global African People Institute


Cecile Johnson worked with General Ishola Williams of Pan African Strategy Group to help launch the idea  for a Global African Peoples Institute (GAPI) which is now realized through the Institute of Africa and the Diaspora studies, which is now housed at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica  W.I. 


Documenting through DATA, the CRISIS affecting the Black Community in the USA


Ongoing project which collects data on the Black experience and documents the Civil Right and Human Rights violations that African Descendant people continue to experience in modern day America.

This data was used as evidence when the UN Working Group on African Descendants  visited the USA in 2016 and continues to be used by community groups to write grants and tell their story effectively.

MINDS- African Heritage Project


Cecile Johnson was  chosen as one of two Diaspora scholars to work on the African Heritage Project as a Research Assistant to  Prof. S B Mboup (Dakar) .

Her research was on " Towards an African Centered Curriculum in the learning and teaching of History."

The National Black Agenda Consortium-Chicago


ADP is a member of the National Black Agenda  Consortium - Chicago.  

Our role is reseacrh and data to document what is happening to the Black population in the USA.  

Co-Author of the National Black Agenda .            Co-creator of a new comprehensive 

solutions approach called the J & P Framework.

Outreach and Marketing of the Black Agenda.  

TV shows documenting the data and interviewing experts who provide holistic solutions. 


Creating Sustainable Solutions


Co- Creator of the J & P FRAMEWORK  with William Patterson. We have designed  a New Comprehensive Solutions approach for implementing change in  the African Descendant Community here in the USA and globally. 

Launching of the Global Institute for Sustainable Development at Chicago State


Working with Dr Margaret King of Chicago State, Dr Gale Frazier and Cecile Johnson helped plan and host the launching of the Global Institute and African Institute at Chicago State.  The AU Ambassador  Amina Salum Ali attended. 


Check out this great video which includes  some of the work of African Development Plan. 


Municipal Candidate Questionnaire


In 2014 some members of the Black community were frustrated by the lack of a litmus test to identify candidates who were aware of and supportive of issues which concerned them. So the COALITION OF BLACK COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS was born,  A municipal candidates questionnaire was developed and put out for the 2015 Municipal elections,

CANDIDATE FORUMS USED OUR QUESTIONS.and this questionnaire has gone on to lay a foundation for community in addressing its issues. 

Illinois African American Family Commission - Collective Action Agenda 2015


African Liberation Day partnership with The All People Foundation.


African Liberation day has always been celebrated in Chicago but this year we decided to celebrate it on its actual day May 25, 2014 by introducing it to the community in a free cultural event which included drummers, dancing, and delicious food of the diaspora. 

Much thanks to all who helped to make it happen from Joseph Ukonga, Rodney, Paula Green, Kim Martinez, James Hill , Gale Frazier , Pam Carolyn Smith, Elnaquam Ben Israel and Yusufu, Mama Oroki Rice, 

Reclaiming our African Heritage through the launching of the African Diaspora Museum


African Union - Implementing Vision 2063




 From our work with the IAAFC committee, we saw that there was a great need in our community for a place to incubate ideas and people, to help the ordinary person with an idea take it from concept to market. Providing all the in between services needed to build capacity within the Black community given our reality which included a high percentage of semi-literacy and lack of ability to keep up with the paperwork. As such, The All People Foundation and African Development Plan designed a COMMUNITY POWER CENTER concept to address how to build our communities capacity. Funding is needed to implement this

VIDEO : The State of Black America - Focus on Illinois 2015

Gives an overview of the DATA on Black America with a focus on Chicago and Illinois.  

Utilizes "Connect the Dots" research and shows how when looking at our community we must learn to use international standards such as the Human Development Index and MDG's (now SDG's ) and  use lens which focus on race, gender and geography to show how Black people living in a so called "developed" country are in fact living in a colonized and under developed state when compared to the white population.

Focus on Black Chicago - HOUSING

Join our guest Justina WInfrey and Naomi Davis  as they discuss the impact of the foreclosure crisis on the Black community in Chicago.

Human Rights - Building the case for Self Determination

Building Global Awareness of the plight of African descendant people


Presented at a Human Rights conference in Tehran where  the team from The American Institute of Human Rights presented. 

Listen to Elaina Martin explain

Bringing global attention to our plight


Presenting with Imam Sultan Muhammad in Iran. We answered questions and spoke of the plight of African descendants in the United States.

Listen to Cecile Johnson explain

1st Conference on Self Determination- Tougaloo Mississippi Sept 29th, 2017


Cecile Johnson Presenting on the steps to  Nation Building .

Listen to Attorney Dan Fodia explain why we have a case for Self Determination.


The American Institute of Human Rights Team


The Human Rights Team from the American Institute of Human Rights

October 1, 2017


On October 1, 2017 we signed a Declaration of Self Determination in Tougaloo Mississippi which started the process for Self Determination for the African Descendants in the United States,

The 1st Conference on Confederation and Human Rights Remedies Sept 29-October 1, 2017





A Human Rights MONITOR is an international law investigator who reports human rights violations. The monitor can express his work as a Broadcast Political Correspondent, international paralegal, Police or Corrections Officer or Civil Society Organization who works with the Media, Private Corporations or  

Government regarding United Nations Human Rights concerns and compliance issues.

A UN Human Rights Monitor investigates and send reports to the National and International Courts, lawyers, State legislators and International bodies.

CLASSES START September 2018

FOR MORE INFO http://www.aihrights.com/un-human-rights-monitor.html

Certificate UN Human Rights Defender-International Lawyer


This course prepares a lawyer or UN Human Rights Defender* to develop a Human Rights generalist practice assessment and interventions practice related to the implementation of Human Rights.   


*Prerequisite​: You must be a Lawyer, Judge, Prosecutor,
Non-Lawyers must have obtained a Master or Doctorate degree and possess excellent writing skills.

FOR MORE INFO http://www.aihrights.com/un-human-rights-defender.html



Dr Mustafa Ansari 

American Institute of Human Rights


Malcolm X - "Take the US to the UN "

From the 1960's Malcolm X clearly identified that to solve the problems of the African Descendant in America a Human Rights approach would have to be taken. 

VIDEO: A Path to Dignity: Australia


A Path to Dignity: Australia

GIves an example of the value that Human Rights Training can have for law enforcement.


One day, when the Glory comes, it will be ours.  

Join us as we fight for our right to Self Determination.  JOIN THE CONFEDERATION.  Add your signature to the list. 



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• Collect signatures for "Declared Consent for Self Determination and Request for Decolonization." 

• Preparation and presentation of evidence to the UN and International Court.  

African Development Plan is an Illinois Non Profit but not a 501c3.