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As Africa fights for its true independence ,  former AU Ambassador shares important details  

Video Presentation by Cecile Johnson, Human Rights Defender

The State of the African Descendants in the USA.  Part 1.


ViDEO Presentation by Human Rights Defender Cecile Johnson

The State of the African Descendants - Lesson 4- Part 2 

Downloads- ACTION NEEDED: join the Afro-Descendant Nation Co

We have formed an Afro-Descendant Nation Confederacy  and are confederating nation wide. 

DOCUMENTARY - February 2019

WHO AM I. The documentary. 

Coming this February 2019.

Begin to understand why we behave the way we do, because we don't know who we are and whose we are, nor fully understand what has happened to us. 

In this documentary some of my work "Connecting the Dots" with the data  and as a Human Rights Defender is featured as we show what has and is happening to us.  

African Development Plan is proud to have participated in this documentary.  

UN REPORT: USA Owes its Black populations Reparations


United Nations panel says U.S. owes reparations for slavery, mass incarceration

Mireille Fanon-Mendes-France, chairwoman of a United Nations working group for people of African descent, reads findings about institutionalized racism after an official visit to the U.S.

READ THE REPORT to the UN from the working group - Sept 2016

This is the report the UN Working group of experts on People of African Descent delivered to the UN in Sept 2016.

And the US Government under President Obama response. Obama did nothing to address the issue of reparations for Black people.

Testimony from African Development Plan


The Current State of Black People in America

My powepoint presentation that gave another perspective on what life is like for us in these United States of America. Case study Illinois. 



Here is some of the testimony provided. 

Being a White Student at a Historically Black College

Our HBCU's need financial support so that they can continue to create safe Black Spaces for our children growing up in a very hostile and openly racist society.   

Community what are you doing to support our HBCU's?

You can DONATE to an HBCU.

Send your child to an HBCU

You can teach at an HBCU.

You can provide employment to an HBCU Graduate.

Listen to why this young white man came to Morehouse. Why are more black students not learning of the benefits of an HBCU? 

Ghana President speaking SELF DETERMINATION

The Ghanaian President, Nana Akufo-Addo, laying the foundation for why Africa must approach its future differently.